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Talking Garbage with Aiken County Students

Last month, ASWCD staff presented to 120 students at Warrenville Elementary and Horse Creek Academy about solid waste. Using SCDHEC's Action for a Cleaner Tomorrow curriculum, staff taught students about where trash ends up once they dispose of it. We looked at maps of landfills in Aiken County to see how close they are to our homes and schools. Students took turns sorting "trash" into piles designated "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, and Landfill". Students were VERY creative when it came to reusing and reducing items they would normally send to a landfill. Students also came up with creative and innovative ways to reduce waste they would normally make. Students and teachers were left with tangerines, white vinegar, a large glass container, and spray bottles so they can REUSE their orange peels by making their own natural classroom cleaner.

Green Cleaner Instructions:

1. Start to store your orange, tangerines, and lemon peels - if your doing this at home you can store the peels in the freezer until you have a jar full

2. Fill up a jar with white vinegar and peels - let it sit for about two weeks

3. Put in on your counter top so you can admire it!

4. After two weeks strain the liquid, compost the remaining peels

5. Mix water with the vinegar in a ration of 2:1

6. Use and enjoy!

Warrenville Elementary:

Before ASWCD staff presented, we had the opportunity to watch 5th graders present their science projects to 2nd graders. We were so impressed! Here are a few pictures from their presentations.

Here are a few pictures of 5th graders participating in a trash sorting activity.

If you are interested in scheduling an educational program please contact our office at 803-262-4470 or e-mail us at


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