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Energy Assessments with Brooke Myres

District Manager, Lauren Burroughs had the opportunity to accompany South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Program Coordinator (SCDNR), Brooke Myres on a field visit to an Aiken County poultry producer's farm. Clemson University Extension received over $1.1 million in funding in collaboration with USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA's Rural Development, Duke Energy, and SCDNR to provide outreach and technical assistance to South Carolina farmers with plant and animal production buildings to upgrade their equipment making it more energy efficient and increasing profitability. Brooke Myres performs energy assessments, develops conservation plans, and oversees practice installations in the Midlands area of South Carolina. Lauren joined her at an Aiken County Pullet Operation to help her with an energy assessment. They began by getting "suited up" before walking towards the houses. Bio-security is a BIG DEAL in poultry operations. Disease and infection can wipe out entire farms. For instance, at the operation we were visiting one of the houses in the picture below holds approximately 25,000 birds...that's a lot of sick/dead birds - and quite the profit loss for the farmer!

After suiting up Myres began the assessment by asking the producer a few questions about his operation and how he manages it. Different producers use different cycles, means, and methods for growing their birds. The house we visited was a pullet farm that produces young hens that will go to a breeder house after about 20-22 weeks.

In the picture above, Myres is recording what type of bulb the farmer uses in his houses.

In the picture above, Lauren is measuring the distance between studs for static pressure estimations.

After the assessment the two headed back to the office so Myres could begin the conservation planning part of the process. If you are interested in learning more about the program or participating, please give our office a call at 803-262-4470.


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