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Earth Week Activities

This year Earth Week was celebrated April 17-22. ASWCD had the opportunity to participate in three earth week events.

For each event ASWCD staff set students up to take "The Incredible Journey" through the water cycle. The Incredible Journey is a Project WET activity modified for a festival setting rather than the traditional classroom. Students were given a journey stick (pipe-cleaner) to record their journey. Each student was also given a journey card that listed different paths a water molecule might take while traveling through the water cycle. At each station (soil, animal, groundwater, glacier, lake, river, ocean, cloud, plant) students added a bead to represent the time spent at that location. Students realized that their journey was significantly different than their friends and classmates journey's. Some students also pointed out that they spent more time in some locations than others. After their journeys were complete their journey sticks were made into bracelets they can wear and show off. 

Augusta Greenjackets Education Day - April 19

Over 1,158 people were in attendance at Lake Olmstead for the first of their two annual education days. Students from the Aiken-Augusta area enjoyed a morning baseball game while walking through booths set up by local educational organizations. 

Clearwater Elementary's STEMfest - April 21

ASWCD staff presented to 6 classes of 3-5 graders during Clearwater Elementary's STEMfest celebration. Students observed a demonstration, went on "The Incredible Journey", and collected data by doing a survey of land and water on an inflatable globe. Each student went home with ASWCD bookmarks and pencils. 

City of Aiken Earth Day - April 22

ASWCD was one of 41 exhibitors that participated in the City of Aiken's Earth Day celebration. Attendees of all ages watched a water demonstration and then took part in "The Incredible Journey" activity. Josh Martin, Aiken NRCS District Conservationist, his family, and Brooke Myres, SCDNR Program Coordinator worked with ASWCD for the exhibit - making it an Earth Day favorite! 


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