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GAPs Workshop

This past Tuesday, February 7th, ASWCD hosted a Good Agriculture Practices Workshop. The workshop was made possible through a grant received from the SC New and Beginning Farmers Program and Richand SWCD. Ms. Patricia "Trish" Tripp from the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association traveled to Aiken from Greensboro, NC to train our workshop participants on the Good Agriculture Practices certification process. The workshop began with a few powerpoint presentations on what the purpose of the certification is and how to obtain it. Ms. Trish taught the participants about the audit process and potential risks that each producer must be aware of when trying to obtain the certification. Each of the 20 participants received a binder with the a GAPs manual to guide them. Ms. Trish brought USB flash drive pens for everyone that included copies of all the presentations and an electronic copy of the manual. After lunch the group headed out to Cathy and Eddie Kvartek's farm Herb n Berries. The workshop participants used what they learned in the classroom to identify potential risks while touring Herb n Berries. The Kvartek's had a wonderful operation and we are thankfukl for their generosity. 

You can find more information about their farm, Herb n Berries HERE


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