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Planting Marigolds for Mothers

Aiken Elementary School is in the process of becoming a South Carolina Green Steps School. SC Green Steps Schools are recognized for their environmental education initiatives. Headed by Dr. Angela Clifford, AES teachers have developed a plan to implement projects that conserve, protect, and restore our natural resources at AES. In the pictures below you'll see a "reusing" activity that Mrs. Clifford's Kindergartners and Mrs. Slack's 4th graders did back in May.

After discussing the 3 R's - reduce, reuse, and recycle - these amazing Kindergartners and 4th graders wanted to REUSE aluminum cans instead of send them to a landfill. The cans were a perfect size for replanting flowers, and with Mothers day happening that weekend we decided to decorate our cans and plant marigolds in them! The students had the opportunity to take their decorated, re-purposed planters home to their Mother or someone that they love. They came up with TONS of ways and ideas that household garbage or trash and be reused or re-purposed into something else. We are working on creating a link on ASWCD's webpage that will display the number of projects AES students and teachers are working on to become a certified SC Green Steps School. Visit to learn more about the program. To schedule an environmental education program for your school or club contact our office at 803-262-4470.

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