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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The Mobile Irrigation Lab is a locally-led water conservation project involving multiple partners across all levels of governmental and private entities. The Aiken Soil and Water Conservation District is leading the initiative through fostering funding partners and serving as the project manager. The MIL pilot project will provide water and energy audits on 24 agricultural center pivot irrigation systems throughout the state of South Carolina at no charge to the agricultural producer. The goal of this project is to determine the feasibility of a statewide MIL program that can be implemented throughout South Carolina to agricultural producers at no cost.

“We were approached by a local farmer who brought the idea of establishing a Mobile Irrigation Laboratory in the state of South Carolina” said Yvonne Kling, Chair of the Aiken Soil and Water Conservation District. “We felt that as a Soil and Water Conservation District, we had to make the effort to establish this MIL pilot project. We also wanted to ensure that this came at no cost to agricultural producers who were willing to participate. As a Soil and Water Conservation District and agricultural community, we believe this is a proactive conservation opportunity that we cannot afford to miss.”

If interested, please contact us at 803-649-4221 ext 3 or email:

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